News | SDLP selects Eastwood, Durkan and Diver to contest Assembly election in Foyle

SDLP selects Eastwood, Durkan and Diver to contest Assembly election in Foyle

SDLP leader Colum Eastwood, Minister Mark H Durkan and Cllr Gerard Diver have been endorsed at a selection convention to stand for Foyle in the upcoming Assembly elections.

Commenting after the event, Party Leader Colum Eastwood MLA said, “I’m delighted to have such a strong team in Derry heading into the next Assembly election. Over the last five years, we have put in the hard yards, delivering a first class service to the people of this city. 

“Like our colleagues across the North, we have seen more and more people coming through the doors of our constituency offices, desperate for advice and support following years of cuts to frontline services, public sector workers and economic opportunity. 

“We will provide an alternative to the stagnation, to the failure and to the false starts. People have had enough of the broken promises and spin. We will seek a mandate to generate jobs and develop our economy based on infrastructure investment and resourcing skills. The North succeeds when the  SDLP provides a radical alternative, I’m committed to providing that for the people of this city and for communities across the region.”

Mark H Durkan said, “I look forward to working with this new team. With Gerard on board we’ll face and fight new challenges and we will retain our three seats. The people of Derry put us here because we put them first. We will continue to be a strong voice.

“Derry faces huge historic challenges such as infrastructural deficit and we will hold to account those who have failed to deliver on promises over the years by ensuring that words become actions. We will continue to provide service and support to our constituents which is second to none.”

The newly selected candidate Gerard Diver paid tribute to Pat Ramsey who he replaces as MLA in the run up to the elections. “Pat is an incredible man, who embodies so much of the spirit of the SDLP. He will be sorely missed and leaves a legacy behind which will be a challenge to follow but I am grateful and inspired to take it on. 

“I have represented the people of Foyle for the last 14 years in council, the last four as group leader, and was privileged to be mayor in 2008. I have a strong track record in council and am committed to delivering the same in the Assembly. I am very proud to be a member of the Foyle SDLP team and want to thank everyone supporting me here tonight. Derry needs strong, united voices and together we will continue to fight for the people here.”


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