News | Attwood: Adams’ statement grotesque

Attwood: Adams’ statement grotesque

SDLP Justice Spokesperson Alex Attwood MLA said:

“This was a further bizarre and grotesque statement from the President of Sinn Féin. In a typically self-serving way, he portrays himself as on the side of angels. Everybody else sees through this.

“The big questions, as always, are not answered by Gerry Adams. His responsibility is to provide the fullest information to authorities about serious crime and murder. He has the ability to provide or find that information. He hardly ever does so. That is the affront of his statement. When victims plead for help, he hides behind fictions about the IRA.

“Of course last night corroborates the SDLP concern about what will happen if legacy institutions are ever established. Republican paramilitaries will duck and dive to avoid proper accountability. That's what Gerry Adams demonstrated to the people of Ireland. That is the approach of his republicanism to legacy. How can that serve the interests of victims and survivors and truth, justice and accountability.

“The concerns the SDLP has about republican paramilitaries are our equal concerns about loyalists and British State forces. They all work to a common agenda to deny the past, resist truth and answer questions only on their terms.”

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