News | Attwood: Alliance crime spin can’t cut through facts

Attwood: Alliance crime spin can’t cut through facts

SDLP Justice spokesperson Alex Attwood has said that a claim by Alliance Minister Stephen Farry that crime has fallen under David Ford as Justice Minister simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

He said:

“In the week running up to an election, some parties have obviously been tempted to present their time in government in a more positive light than the facts might actually reflect.

“On Sunday Politics this week Alliance Minister Stephen Farry claimed that crime had fallen under David Ford as Justice Minister. But the truth of the matter is that PSNI recorded crime statistics clearly show that crime has risen every year since 2012/13. And worse than that, recorded crime is now at its highest level since 2010/11. The facts simply don’t bear out the Alliance Party’s ham fisted attempt at spin.

“The reality for communities across Northern Ireland is that crime is increasing, fear of crime is increasing, the availability of drugs is increasing and the response from the police and government has been decreasing. Stephen Farry must now reconcile his statement with the facts.

“The electorate will not be taken in be misinformed soundbites from a party which has failed to deliver in government.”

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