News | Bradley calls on British Government to clarify academic ban

Bradley calls on British Government to clarify academic ban

SDLP Economy Spokesperson Sinead Bradley has called on the British Government to immediately clarify reports of a ban on non-UK academics contributing to analysis or reports on Brexit.

Ms Bradley accused the government of a chilling and myopic British nativism that would critically limit its ability to prepare for the economic and social shock that Brexit would bring.

Ms Bradley said: “Every day this government takes a further step toward the far right. First the International Trade Secretary wants to use our European friends, neighbours and co-workers as bargaining chips in negotiations. Then the Home Secretary announces plans for a doomsday book of foreign workers. And now we’re told that non-UK academics will be banned from contributing to government analysis and reports on Brexit.

“This is a deliberate and insidious attempt to suggest that non-UK citizens are in some way deficient or worse that they are anti-British. Cultivating that sentiment is a dangerous result of the myopic British nativism that has gripped this government in recent weeks. It should be reversed immediately.

“And the government should also confirm if this ban extends to Irish passport holders in Britain and in the North. Some of the finest legal and academic minds are Irish citizens, it would be utterly unacceptable if they were to be discriminated against as a result of their right to self-determine under the Good Friday Agreement.

“This government is headed in a dangerously far-right direction. Those of us who support radical middle ground politics must unite to oppose the prevailing mood.”

Sinead Bradley MLA

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