News | Few in Northern Ireland will draw any comfort from Theresa May's speech

Few in Northern Ireland will draw any comfort from Theresa May's speech

The leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party has today responded to the British Prime Minister’s speech by saying that few in Northern Ireland would be able to draw any comfort from it. Mr Colum Eastwood, MLA for Foyle said:

“Theresa May’s speech to her party conference has once again shown that the Tories have never had the interests of Northern Ireland in their minds. Not only has the Prime Minister casually dismissed the fears of the 13 million of her own people who voted to remain, she has also chosen to ignore the fact that clear majorities in Northern Ireland and Scotland voiced their desire and intent to remain within the European Union. 

“It appears now that not only is she intending to circumvent her own government by bypassing parliament, but also that she has no intent to reflect or consider the democraticly expressed views of Northern Ireland. To add insult to injury, she has used her conference speech to loftily declare that she won’t be providing, as she put it ‘a running commentary’ on any negotiations. 

“Few in Northern Ireland will draw any comfort from Theresa May’s speech and in the absence of any defence of Northern Ireland’s interests from London, it is imperative that the Executive now states clearly and comprehensively what they will be doing to ensure the people’s views are represented. We have waited 100 days for the Executive to do so and the urgency surrounding this unaddressed issue is only growing.  

“The SDLP have welcomed An Taoiseach's adoption of an all party approach in establishing his all-island ‘conversation’. We in the SDLP will continue to use all available avenues and work with all willing partners to ensure our future within the European Union is secured.”

Colum Eastwood MLA

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