News | Hanna questions cuts needed to fund Sinn Féin’s ‘make-it-up’ manifesto

Hanna questions cuts needed to fund Sinn Féin’s ‘make-it-up’ manifesto

Significant and devastating cuts will need to be made to front line public services to fund Sinn Féin’s two and a half page bullet point manifesto commitments. That’s the message from SDLP finance spokeswoman Claire Hanna after Máirtín Ó Muilleoir claimed the party would seek to invest an extra £330 million in higher education.

Ms Hanna said:

“Sinn Féin’s two and a half pages of bullet points masquerading as a manifesto is patronising. The lack of detail on anything should be a very real concern to everyone interested in ensuring that parties live up to their pledges and that the next Executive delivers.

“The latest is a supposed investment of £330m in our universities, announced by Máirtín Ó Muilleoir on Sunday Politics, but which appears nowhere in the Sinn Féin manifesto. That raises the very real question - has it just been made up? Where is this money coming from and what cuts to front line public services will be made to fund it?

“Sinn Féin Ministers, of course, have put up no resistance to cutting arts budgets by almost 20%, plunging schools into crisis with 8% budget cuts or passing on devastating cuts to the voluntary and community sector. They have become adept at slashing services but it’s important that the public know which ones they’ll target to pay for their commitments.

"They attack other ideas and have none of their own. Mr O'Muilleoir needs to explain why his £330m pledge was not included in his party's manifesto."

Claire Hanna MLA

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