News | Eastwood pays tribute to William O'Connell

Eastwood pays tribute to William O'Connell

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood has expressed his deep sadness and offered his sympathy to the family of former SDLP councillor William O'Connell after his death on Sunday.

The Foyle MLA said,

"William was a hugely respected figure in the SDLP throughout many of the most difficult and transformative years in Derry and across Ireland. 

"He was a constant and loyal friend to John Hume in the dark days of our past. He was a central part of the movement in this city which knew and understood that the taking of human life was never the way to achieve a new and better Ireland.

"William loved serving the people of Shantallow as a public representative for many years and in turn he was deeply respected and appreciated by the community he served. He carried that pride for his community when he represented this city as its Mayor. 

"That passion never left William, from the early days of civil rights to his career in the Derry Journal. He was above all else a proud Derry man. 

"On behalf of the SDLP, I want to express my deepest sympathy to his family and friends. May he rest in peace."

Colum Eastwood MLA

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