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Hanna responds to Paisley comments

SDLP Brexit Spokesperson Claire Hanna MLA has said that the British Government and the Brexiteers have seriously underestimated the resolve and the strength of the European Union in negotiations.

Speaking after the British Government confirmed it would pay the £50bn Brexit Bill, Ms Hanna said:

“After months of negotiations it appears that the British Government is finally accepting that it has significant responsibilities to discharge in the Brexit process.

“Now, at last, London has admitted their liability to the EU for £50bn, a figure which failed to make it onto the side of the Brexiteer battle bus.

“More and more, people are realising that Brexit is a budgetary, economic and diplomatic disaster.

“If there’s anything that London should learn from this, it’s that Europe will not be brow beaten. The same is true for the Irish border. It’s time David Davis, Liam Fox and others got serious about a resolution.

Responding to comments from Ian Paisley at the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee this morning, Ms Hanna said:

“As a hard Brexiteer, Ian Paisley seems perfectly happy to cut his nose off to spite his face. The Irish Government has a responsibility to protect the interests of people on this island and to protect the Good Friday Agreement. They are living up to those obligations.

“Any suggestion that UK fisheries policy should be formulated on the basis of punishing Irish people and Irish businesses is absolute madness. But more than that, it will hurt businesses in the North who rely on cooperation across this island, particularly in the agri-food sector.

“Given the stranglehold that the DUP now has on the Tory government, Michael Gove should now make his position on this matter clear.”

Claire Hanna MLA

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