News | Mallon: Cruel and Callous Welfare Cuts Found Discriminatory in Courts

Mallon: Cruel and Callous Welfare Cuts Found Discriminatory in Courts

Speaking following a High Court ruling that stated the government changes to the disability benefit system discriminate against people with mental health problems and are in breach of their human rights, SDLP Deputy Leader and Social Justice Spokesperson, Nichola Mallon MLA said “enough is enough”

She said:


“I welcome this ruling from the High Court. The SDLP has been making this argument, that the changes to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) are unfair and unjustified, for some time.


“Changes to PIP earlier introduced by regulations, unfairly limited the amount of support people with psychological distress could receive for making journeys, shamefully creating a hierarchy of disability.


“This welcomed judgement exposes the cruel and callous approach to welfare support the British Government is taking. People who have suffered discrimination throughout their lives when dealing with mental ill health shouldn’t have to fight the very system that is supposed to protect them and help them.


“While others talk about parity of esteem it is a damning indictment of the lack of leadership here that sick and disabled people have no voice in the absence of a local government to stand up for them against cruel Tory cuts. Enough is enough. We cannot rely on the DUP to take on Theresa May’s Government when they are in cahoots with them.


"Real people are being forced to feel the pain of welfare cuts in the absence of local power here, that cannot continue.


“With the British Government set to challenge this ruling in court, I appeal to all political parties, that surely this must be a basis for talks. Disabled people shouldn’t have to go to court to win basic human rights. Nor should victims and survivors or any other citizen. We must show leadership - that means using political power to make change happen. 


“It's important to remember that this judgement looks only at one small aspect of a raft of changes that will inflict hardship on some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in our society. It’s about time that politicians here stepped up to do the job they were elected to do”.

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