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A New Year Message from the SDLP

A message from SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood:

“The past year has proven to be a turbulent one. The direction of politics on these islands has totally shifted. The old certainties are gone, it is now time to shape the coming change. 

“With all the change that Brexit is bringing, our party has consistently anchored our response upon the principles enshrined in the Good Friday Agreement and have fought for assurances to protect people here. Regardless of what happens after March 29, we will not place narrow party politics over protecting the interests of people here.

“The incoming year will, no doubt, prove to be challenging for us all. The SDLP is determined to continue to fight for people here. We will continue to argue against Brexit, we will forcefully make the case for a return to Stormont and we will never stop pointing out that we badly need to be represented in every forum.

“With all the political change we are experiencing it is important to point out that we too are ready to embrace change. Since our foundation the SDLP has led much of the political advancement that Ireland has experienced. We want to lead that change again. We are determined to ensure that we are in a position to do so.”


Colum Eastwood MLA

028 71350045

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