News | Dallat: Attacks on College of Further Education must stop

Dallat: Attacks on College of Further Education must stop

SDLP MLA for East Derry John Dallat has condemned those responsible for repeated acts of vandalism carried out at the Northern Regional College, Coleraine.

Mr Dallat commented:


“This college has a proud record of achievement since it was first opened in 1935, providing countless people with an education and vital skills to go on to lead successful careers. It is sad that among today’s generation there are a few who don’t appreciate the wonders of education and in particular that of vocational education.


“Those involved in these mindless acts of vandalism would be better finding out more about the college and perhaps benefitting from the numerous courses on offer as oppose to engaging in pointless activity which serves no one and certainly not those involved.


“As one who had the benefit of attending the college for six years in the distant past I know from personal experience how much this college has meant to so many people. During the worst years of the troubles it was not only a college of excellence but a sanctuary of peace and partnership between those who worked in or where students.


“The wider community have every right to feel outraged by these attacks. ‘The Tech’ as it is known, is a critical part of our community and perhaps it is time to show our solidarity by supporting the college in any way we can. I would urge anyone with information to contact crimestoppers on 101.”

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