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Hanna: Brexiteers Need to Face up to the Brexit Reality

Speaking after the EU published a draft legal withdrawal agreement, SDLP Brexit Spokesperson Claire Hanna said it was time for “calm heads” and “hard choices.”

The South Belfast MLA said:

“The EU was right to publish his draft withdrawal agreement and it was right to flesh out one of the options agreed with the UK. The SDLP welcomes the EU’s cast iron commitment to protecting the Good Friday Agreement and preventing a border in Ireland.

“Despite some utterances on the airwaves from some, there is nothing surprising in this draft withdrawal agreement today – this is essentially what was agreed by the UK and the EU in December.

“While I know many will feel the need to go kicking and screaming over the contents of this document, but to those Brexiteers, I say it’s time they faced up to reality. It’s time for calm heads and for hard choices.

“The UK Government and the Brexiteers have a choice, they either go for alignment with the Customs Union and the Single Market to protect these islands – or they support the EU on the common regulatory area. It is just fantastical to pretend that there’s some other mystery option – there isn’t.

“The SDLP remains clear and consistent, border checks around the six counties is not plausible - it would be an economic, social and political disaster.

“The time has long passed for the Brexiteers and the British Government to present their solutions – if they aren’t happy with what the EU has put on the table – then let’s see the detail of their positions.

“Bluster and fluff won’t save the blushes of Theresa May – and it certainly won’t protect the interests of all peoples across these islands.”

Claire Hanna MP

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