News | Gannon: Fermanagh bomb attack designed to kill

Gannon: Fermanagh bomb attack designed to kill

SDLP Fermanagh Councillor Adam Gannon has said that an explosion near Wattle Bridge this morning was designed to kill and those responsible must be caught.

Cllr Gannon said:


“We’re very fortunate not to be dealing with the death or serious injury of police officers or members of the public after a bomb exploded near Wattle Bridge this morning. I understand that police and bomb disposal teams were working to make another device safe yesterday and into today when a secondary device was triggered nearby.


“Murdering or maiming police officers achieves no goals and it is a crime that has no support in Fermanagh. No one here wants to see members of our community killed in their name. Those responsible are criminals threatening our community and they have to be caught.


“Anyone with information should come forward to police as soon as possible.”


SDLP Policing Board member Dolores Kelly said:


“I want to pay tribute to the officers who worked over the weekend to make this area safe. They continue to work hard to keep communities like this safe and today’s incident is another reminder of the serious threat that they operate under.


“There is no place for this in the society we’ve created. And for those who are casual with our peace process, this is a sharp reminder of what we all united against.”


Cllr Adam Gannon

07856 054204

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