News | SDLP proposes Climate Crisis committee in Belfast

SDLP proposes Climate Crisis committee in Belfast

SDLP Lisnasharragh Councillor Séamas de Faoite is to propose the establishment of a working group on Belfast City Council to tackle the city’s impact on the climate crisis and protect citizens from the effects of climate breakdown.

Speaking ahead of his motion due to be tabled tomorrow (Tuesday 21st May), Cllr. de Faoite said:

“We are facing a global climate catastrophe. We must take action to address the impact of rising temperatures caused by human generated emissions within the next 11 years. This is no niche political hobby horse – it’s an emergency and it demands immediate action at a local, national and international level.

“MET Office projections show that by 2040, we can expect a more volatile climate with drier summers and more concentrated winter storms leading to further instances of flooding. Changes to our climate will have a significant impact on people, homes and businesses. It’s critical that we make decisive interventions quickly. That means creating new green space in our city to increase the permeability of our landscape, making us more resilient to flooding and increasing our carbon capture capacity. It also means looking at rainwater harvesting technology and reducing our reliance on single use plastics.

“Belfast is already a global resilience leader - developing our city’s response to the emerging challenges of the 21st century. How we respond to the climate crisis must be at the heart of that preparation.

“This needs to be a political priority for our city and everyone in City Hall. I’m delighted to be working with the Green Party on this issue and I hope that we can secure cross party support.”

Cllr Séamas de Faoite

074699 43401

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