News | Eastwood: DUP can't blame anyone but themselves for Brexit

Eastwood: DUP can't blame anyone but themselves for Brexit

SDLP Leader, Colum Eastwood MP has said that DUP MP Sammy Wilson’s attempts to deflect blame for the economic chaos and political uncertainty caused by Brexit are transparent and embarrassing.

The Foyle MP said that the DUP MP would be better served encouraging the British Government to implement the Ireland Protocol and seek a deal with the EU in good faith. 

Mr Eastwood commented: 

“Outlandish and ridiculous comments are hardly out of the ordinary for Sammy Wilson, but I was still gobsmacked to hear him today blame business representatives for the consequences of Brexit.” 

“Aodhan Connolly and Stephen Kelly, who Mr Wilson named today in the House of Commons, have been diligent, vociferous representatives of the business industry across the North and have thoughtfully advised political leaders on navigating the worst impacts of Brexit.” 

“Industry leaders across the North know that Brexit, particularly a hard Brexit, will cause unmitigated chaos for our businesses and our community. The problems are not “mythical”, they are real and our employers are trying to grapple with them, with little to no support from the British Government.” 

“Instead of trying to point the finger at those business leaders, Sammy Wilson should reflect on the fact we wouldn’t have to deal with any of these issues if he, his party and their bedfellows in the Tories were not intent on forcing an unwanted Brexit upon us.” 


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