News | Hanna: Chaos in Holylands shows astounding lack of judgement

Hanna: Chaos in Holylands shows astounding lack of judgement

SDLP South Belfast MP, Claire Hanna has urged students involved in dangerous and anti-social behaviour, to show some regard for their community, after another night of disturbance in the Holylands.

The South Belfast MP commented:

“The vast majority of young people and students can enjoy themselves responsibly but those who engaged in the anti social behaviour last night demonstrated an astounding lack of judgement. This behaviour is appalling in any situation, but particularly dangerous in the context of a global health pandemic.”

“It must be made clear and in no uncertain terms, that this kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable. I urge the minority of students and young people who are causing this hassle, and distress for residents, to wise up and consider the impact of their actions on those around them and their future.”

"Along with colleagues Councillor Gary McKeown and Matthew O’Toole MLA, I will continue to engage with agencies, including the universities, who have a key role in reinforcing the message to their students, though not all the young people involved will be students.”

Claire Hanna MP

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