News | Kelly: Paramilitaries have no place in Ireland

Kelly: Paramilitaries have no place in Ireland

Commenting after the publication of the Independent Reporting Commission’s Third Report today, SDLP Policing Spokesperson Dolores Kelly has said that there is no place in modern Ireland for those who resist the will of the Irish people and the rule of law.

The IRC Commissioners expressed their view that paramilitarism constitutes a ‘clear and present danger’ to communities across Northern Ireland.


Dolores Kelly MLA said:


“This Third IRC report underlines their previous findings about the unacceptable control exercised by paramilitary groups over communities across Northern Ireland. 22 years after the Good Friday Agreement, these people need to listen to the clear will of the people of Ireland who want them to disband and get off the backs of our communities.


“There is no justification for the continued existence of these groups, save to exercise coercive control over communities and protect criminal rackets.


“The return of the Executive fills a dangerous void that was allowed to drift for too long. But we need to scale up our approach to these groups. Our criminal justice response must seek to dismantle these organisations and those who are preying on the vulnerable in our communities while we also enhance capacity within those areas that have been infiltrated and infected by the poison of these gangs.


“There is no place for paramilitaries in modern Ireland. It’s time we acted like it.”

Dolores Kelly MLA

028 38322140

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