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Dallat: Limavady on ‘hit-list’ for reduced bus services

The East Derry SDLP Assembly Member John Dallat has called on the Minister for Regional Development Danny Kennedy to exercise control over Translink who are considering cuts in town bus services in 13 towns including Limavady. He said:
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Dallat: Cuts to front-line public transport must be defended against

SDLP regional development spokesperson John Dallat has said proposed cuts to public transport services must be defended against.
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McGlone: Tories must not neuter corporation tax

SDLP Spokesperson for enterprise, Trade & Investment, Patsy McGlone, has said that while the Tory government are using corporation tax as a bargaining chip, they must not render it useless through other Eurosceptic policies and budget cuts:
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McKevitt: Ireland can host great Rugby World Cup

SDLP Culture, Arts and Leisure spokesperson (DCAL) Karen McKevitt has welcomed the all-Ireland bid to host the Rugby World Cup 2023.
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Bradley: Irish Language Act is an act for everyone

SDLP Irish Language spokesperson Dominic Bradley has said the necessity of an Irish Language Act, eight years after it was promised at St Andrews, has been heightened in light of attacks in recent weeks.
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