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Mallon: New Lodge Shooting unjustifiable

SDLP Belfast City councillor Nichola Mallon has said that news of the shooting of a 38 year old man in the New Lodge is deeply worrying.
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Attwood: West Belfast Mortar find is deeply disturbing

SDLP Belfast Councillor Tim Attwood has described the discovery of a mortar bomb and command wire in the West of the city as deeply disturbing and hugely worrying.
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Durkan: Sinn Fein aptly named – “We Ourselves”

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has said that in all of Sinn Fein’s negotiations with the British government over on-the-runs, it was never about victims of the Troubles, the Irish democratic interest or the interests of the nationalist community in Northern Ireland; it was about Sinn Fein and its people.
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Dallat: We can replace the fake shop fronts with real businesses if we support them

A senior member of the SDLP Assembly group at Stormont has claimed thousands of jobs could be created if only local people had greater opportunities to support locally produced goods.
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Alex Attwood defends the role of Trade Unions

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