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Ritchie: Funding delays for local groups unacceptable

SDLP South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has expressed concern that two local groups are experiencing undue delays in accessing vital government funding.
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Maginness: SoS Panel a backdoor review of Parades Commission

SDLP MLA for North Belfast has expressed concern that the proposal for a Panel on Parading in Ardoyne presented by the Secretary of State will undermine the authority of the Parades Commission.
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Attwood: Local government funding must be discussed during Budget Talks

Former SDLP Environment Minister Alex Attwood has said that funding for the final stages of local government reform, including rates convergence, should be discussed during budget negotiations as part of All Party Talks.
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McKinney: Opportunity for radical change to help cancer sufferers cannot be missed

SDLP Health Spokesperson Fearghal McKinney MLA has welcomed news that Scotland is granting greater access to expensive drugs such as those that lengthen the life of cancer sufferers and has called on Health Minister Jim Wells to follow that example.
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Attwood condemns barbaric West Belfast shooting

SDLP Cllr Tim Attwood has condemned those behind a barbaric shooting in West Belfast which saw a man left with gunshot wounds to his chest and stomach.
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