Press Releases | Attwood: West Belfast Mortar find is deeply disturbing

Attwood: West Belfast Mortar find is deeply disturbing

SDLP Belfast Councillor Tim Attwood has described the discovery of a mortar bomb and command wire in the West of the city as deeply disturbing and hugely worrying.

“This is another extremely worrying development. It follows an attack on police with a mortar device on the Falls road only two weeks ago. Those behind these attacks, whether planned or executed, are totally reckless and have no regard for the safety of anyone, especially residents going about their daily business.


“It is only through luck rather than design that innocents have not been injured or killed by these devices. There is no support for this kind of destructive activity in our city. People are sick, sore and tired of being forced from their homes or having their elderly relatives forced out.


“Violence failed to achieve political goals in the past and it will never succeed in the future. The people of this island, north and south, made that clear when they voted overwhelmingly to endorse peace and the democratic tradition.


“I would urge anyone with any information to bring it to the police as soon as possible.”

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