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Mullan: Progress on fence for St Columba’s walk

Life will be safer for children living in the St Columba’s Walk area of Greysteel when a new fence is erected to prevent falls into a deep glen. SDLP Councillor Gerry Mullan had promised local residents that he would bring officials to see what could be done to replace an old fence which has long since disappeared.
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Make a change - Vote Yes

SDLP Youth member Shannon Downey explains why she thinks it's important that people take a stand, make a change and vote Yes for Marriage Equality.
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SDLP Executive welcomes positive election result

The SDLP executive met today to discuss the result of the recent Westminster election. Party Chair Rosemary Flanagan said the result reflected the ongoing work to reorganise and rebuild and congratulated all three SDLP MPs who retained their seats as well as the new councillors who were returned last year.
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Dobbins: SDLP move to protect Early Years Fund

SDLP Angela Dobbins has submitted a motion in Derry and Strabane district council aimed at stopping the Education Minister from cutting the Early Years Fund. The Motion passed despite opposition from Sinn Fein.
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Dobbins: Culmore Sea Wall will be ready to protect against winter flooding

Councillor Angela Dobbins welcomes the start of the building and maintenance work to the Culmore Sea Wall along the Culmore Point Road.
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