Press Releases | Tierney calls for complete resurface of Lower Galliagh Road

Tierney calls for complete resurface of Lower Galliagh Road

SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney has called on TransportNI to completely resurface the lower Galliagh road in the Woodbrook Estate which has been in disrepair for over 18 months as NIwater completed the construction of a new pumping station.

He said: “For almost two years now the residents of the Woodbrook Estate have been calling for the repair of Lower Galliagh Road which is used by over 1000 people two or three times a day.

“Construction in the area by NI Water over the past 18 months has left the road beset with potholes and loose debris. Until now TransportNI have argued that the continued construction in the area rendered any repairs counterproductive, that any work would quickly be undone by the heavy machinery using the road.

“Now with the project completed, TransportNI appear to have deemed the patchwork and piecemeal repairs at each end of the road adequate. They are not and we are calling for a complete resurfacing of the road as a priority. Local residents have been patient but now they deserve action. I have raised the issue in council today and will be meeting with representatives of TransportNI this evening.”

Cllr Brian Tierney

07731 309734

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