Press Releases | Heading: Hepburn’s Orange Order remarks ludicrous

Heading: Hepburn’s Orange Order remarks ludicrous

SDLP Cllr Brian Heading has branded remarks by Stephen Hepburn MP, who asked what the Education Authority was doing to engage the Orange Order in education, as ludicrous and ignorant in equal measure.

Cllr Heading commented:


“Our education system is in crisis; continuous cuts to funding is piling pressure on schools like never before. The suggestion by a Labour MP that the Orange Order could in some way reverse this by encouraging young people to ‘try a bit harder in school’ is appalling.


“Mr Hepburn clearly knows very little about our divided past here, if this is his answer to our problem. When was the last time he visited or was here on the 12th July?


“Likewise, the unprecedented crisis schools are facing here cannot be fixed with merely encouraging pupils to ‘try harder’. Schools, in order to give pupils the best start in life, must be funded appropriately. The only way to ensure we mitigate the crisis our schools are facing is through an Education Minister who is prepared to make decisions.”

Cllr Brian Heading

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