Press Releases | Heading: Road defects are a scandal

Heading: Road defects are a scandal

SDLP Belfast Councillor Brian Heading has said that the number of defects in roads in the city is a scandal and that compensation claims are burning a hole in the public purse. Cllr Heading said that money should be diverted to maintenance budgets to prevent accidents.

He said:

“Since 2016, there have been 108 defects on the Summerhill road area alone. That situation is compromising road safety and the number of accidents is burning a hole in the public purse through compensation claims.

“How much money could have been saved, and how much disruption for local people could have been avoided, if the money paid out in compensation was used to fill these problem potholes? Some streets are like a minefield.

“I’ve written to the Department for Infrastructure about this situation asking for an evaluation of the current spend. It cannot continue like this.”

Cllr Brian Heading

07854 365833

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