Press Releases | McCarthy frustrated by Housing transfer delay

McCarthy frustrated by Housing transfer delay

SDLP Councillor Johnny McCarthy has expressed his deep frustration at the extreme delay in transferring Ex-MoD Housing to Clanmil, which has subsequently led to an expiration in Clanmil’s tender.

Cllr McCarthy commented:


“Today I have written to the Department for Communities to express my frustration regarding the prolonged delay in the transferring of Ex-MoD Housing at Mountview Drive in Lisburn to Clanmil.

"Clanmil’s tender for the properties will now expire as a result of the continued delay.


“Given the high demand for social housing in the area, the appalling handling of this transfer cannot be understated.


“These vacant properties are now an attraction for anti-social behaviour and vandalism, when instead they should be providing homes to those in need.


“I have asked that the Permanent Secretary take immediate action to ensure these properties are brought back to life as soon as possible.


"Families in need of a safe and secure place to live are being let down by continued political failure, which should leave all of us embarrassed and ashamed.”

Cllr Johnny McCarthy

07725 904551

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