Press Releases | Reilly welcomes action on Illegal Dumping in Mews Lanes

Reilly welcomes action on Illegal Dumping in Mews Lanes

The Chairperson of Derry City and Strabane District Council’s Environment and Regeneration Committee SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly has welcomed a paper presented to Committee yesterday on the cleanliness of Mews lanes across the city and region.

Speaking after the meeting, Councillor Reilly said:

“The Committee had a robust discussion about the cleanliness of Mews lanes and it was clear that in every part of the Council area there were problem hotspots. People who deal with their waste responsibly are fed up with others ruining the area by illegal disposal of rubbish which is unsightly and attracts vermin and is a health hazard. All councillors were united in their determination to see issuing of fixed penalty notices to those caught for this activity and CCTV has been erected in places to gather the information required for prosecution.”

Councillor Reilly continued:

“There are many community groups and individuals who are actively cleaning their area and we need to continue to support them and liaise with their efforts to get the evidence on who is responsible for leaving places in a mess. Many of the rubbish hotspots are in private ownership or on public land owned by other agencies and Council will work with the landowners and other public bodies to keep the cost of these cleanups on the ratepayer to a minimum. Council also continues to offer more appropriate methods of waste disposal such as bulky goods collection free of charge so there is no excuse for this type of illegal dumping. I look forward to a further report from officers on the progress of issuing fixed penalty notices but ultimately want to see everyone utilise the existing services to stamp out this illegal activity from occurring at all.”

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