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Tierney: Attacks on buses must stop

SDLP Derry Councillor Brian Tierney has condemned those who caused damage to a bus in Derry last night. Stones were thrown at the bus in the area of Elaghmore Park causing damage to the windows.
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Tierney calls for complete resurface of Lower Galliagh Road

SDLP Councillor Brian Tierney has called on TransportNI to completely resurface the lower Galliagh road in the Woodbrook Estate which has been in disrepair for over 18 months as NIwater completed the construction of a new pumping station.
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Duncan: Anger and sorrow after loss of friend Adrian Ismay

SDLP North Antrim Assembly Candidate Connor Duncan has expressed his sorrow following the death of Prison Officer Adrian Ismay this morning. Mr Ismay who was seriously injured on 4th March when a device detonated beneath his vehicle died eleven days later from a heart attack. Mr Duncan, who was a friend of Mr Ismay, extended his condolences to the family and expressed his anger at those responsible for the attack which is assumed to have contributed to his death.
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McCrossan acts on Clady mobile black-spot

SDLP West Tyrone MLA Daniel McCrossan has called O2 to investigate the appearance of a new mobile black-spot that has appears around the area of Clady Town.
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Durkan welcomes Power NI cut to household electricity bills

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has welcomed today’s announcement from Power NI that electricity bills are set to fall by 10.3% from April.
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