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McAleer urges vigilance following Ballygawley burglaries

SDLP Councillor Sharon McAleer has urged local residents and business owners in Ballygawley to exercise vigilance following a number of burglaries in the area over the last number of days.
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Mullan acts to close tenancy deposit loophole

SDLP Belfast Councillor Kate Mullan has submitted a motion to Belfast City Council to address the issue caused by a loophole in the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Flaws in the legislation has allowed landlords to keep their tenants security deposits.
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McCrossan: Security alerts causing chaos for local community

SDLP West Tyrone representative Daniel McCrossan has said that those behind security alerts in the Clady area are causing chaos for local people.
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Fresh Start is a False Start for West Tyrone

SDLP West Tyrone representative Daniel McCrossan has slammed plans by Sinn Féin and the DUP to hand the power to legislate on welfare back to a Tory Westminster Government.
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Cllr Quinn condems another arson attack

SDLP Councillor Malachy Quinn has condemned the burning of a car in Coalisland/Clonoe over the weekend which is the 3rd such attack in the area over the last 2 months. The car which has been parked at the side road over the last week was set alight sometime over the weekend.
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