‘Don’t suffer in silence this Christmas’ McKernan message to those suffering domestic abuse

Christmas Women's Aid Domestic abuse EmmaJayne McKernan

SDLP Representative for Cusher Emmajayne McKernan has urged people to seek support this festive period if experiencing domestic abuse.

Speaking after a meeting with Women’s Aid with SDLP representatives, Emmajayne McKernan said, “Unfortunately domestic abuse continues to be a silent struggle in many homes across the island. And although domestic abuse is not just limited to women, the vast majority of victims are women.

“Despite promotion, awareness and support available many women continue to suffer in silence.

“The festive period can be a real worry for anyone in an abusive relationship or in a relationship where alcohol or substance intake is high. The message we want to get out is don’t suffer in silence. There are fantastic organisations like Women’s Aid, who are a huge support to many women providing advice and help in an unjudgmental and confidential manner.

“Armagh Down Women’s Aid is one of eight groups which offers a range of specialist services to women, children and young people who have experienced domestic abuse. They are there to help anyone in need and to guide you through any difficult and traumatic experiences.

“No-one should experience abuse whether physical or mental, and especially not in their own home. Together we must continue to talk about these issues to highlight that abuse of any kind is unacceptable and also to highlight that help is at hand.

“Anyone needing advice or support should contact the Armagh Down Women’s Aid Group: 02830250765 or log onto www.womensaidni.org for further information.”

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