Cllr Dermot Curran


A native of Ardglass, Dermot was first elected to serve the new Down District Council in 1973.  He holds the distinction of being the longest serving elected councillor in the north having ably served the people of Downpatrick for 47 years.

Dermot has long championed the cause of our local fishermen and worked tirelessly to advance the development of Ardglass Harbour. This work is ever evolving with the changing political landscape. A supporter of local businesses, Dermot works closely to encourage new businesses to come to the local area and enhance our local economy.

Local government is very much at Dermot's heart as he continues to work alongside NILGA.

Steeped in the SDLP and having engaged in numerous campaigns over the years Dermot brings a wealth of experience and passion for community representation that new activists continue to learn from.

Contact: [email protected]

Telephone: 077 0989 3896

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