Cllr Orla Beattie




Orla joined the SDLP at the age of 18, following the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.  She has been a party activist in East Derry since then and have been an elected representative for 10 years.

She currently represents the SDLP and her constituents on the following council committees and sub committees:  Environmental services, Corporate Policy and Resources, Finance, Audit and  Land & Property. She also sits on the Finance working group and is chair of both Peace IV and the Fair Trade working group.

Being from the rural area of Glack, she is interested in environmental issues, especially in relation to farming and renewable energy.  She is passionate about helping community groups to access resources and services either through council or other funding channels. 

In 2013, she set up Glack Community Association which has been very successful and works well in partnership with a number of other Associations throughout the borough. 

As a primary school teacher, she has an interest in education, especially rural schools and is a voluntary director of the Roe Valley Community Education Forum which is a charity that provides training and skills to some of the more vulnerable adults and young people living in the Limavady area. 

Contact: [email protected]

Telephone: 07890562573

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