Families in the North getting a raw deal as cost of living crisis worsens

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The Foyle MP said that people in the North will rightly be asking why they’re getting a raw deal from Stormont in the face of mounting fuel, food and energy bills as working families face immense strain.

Colum Eastwood MP said:


“Reports this evening of further action from the Irish Government to address the cost of living crisis are welcome. 


In the South, in Scotland and in Wales, families are getting direct support from their government to address the mounting cost fuel, food and energy bills. Working families in Northern Ireland will rightly feel like they’re getting a raw deal from Stormont as the vast majority receive absolutely nothing while they’re hit again and again by enormous price hikes.


“Every day I speak to people who are forced to turn the heating off or put less food on the table for their family. Many of them are working every hour they can and working more than one job to make ends meet but the truth is they’re being badly let down by parties more interested in themselves than in putting people first. 


“The SDLP has published an emergency plan that would take £300m out of Stormont bank accounts and get it into the pockets of every household and every family that is being hit by this crisis. Our plan would provide hundreds of pounds of support for every household and more than one thousand pounds to those most in need. 


“That is our first priority now and it will be our first priority when the election is over. While others fight over who holds what title, we’re fighting for a fairer deal for families across our communities.”

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