News | Queen’s students’ union planning approval welcomed

Queen’s students’ union planning approval welcomed

SDLP Botanic Councillor Gary McKeown has welcomed the approval of plans for a new students’ centre at Queen’s University.

Councillor McKeown said: “The old students’ union, while not the most attractive building in the area, has been the hub of student life at Queen’s for decades. However, it was built for a different era when the student population was much smaller, so the new plans will enable a new union to be provided, offering a modern space that’s fit for purpose and can meet the needs of today’s students.”


Councillor McKeown, who was once Chair of the Queen’s University branch of the SDLP, added: “While the new plans are very exciting, it’s fair to say that generations of graduates will miss the old building. Many political careers were built at Queen’s, and I first got involved in politics when I joined the SDLP in the students’ union. However, with the green light for the new development, hopefully this will enable future generations of students to get active in clubs and societies and hold events in state-of-the-art facilities. The new student centre will also offer shops and services for students, and will include landscaping of surrounding grounds and provision of solar panels, which is a very welcome contribution to sustainability. There will also still be a Mandela Hall.”


Cllr Gary McKeown

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