“People will be gobsmacked at the PPS decision not to prosecute those at Storey funeral” Kelly

Following the announcement by the PPS to uphold their decision not to prosecute any individual in connection to the Bobby Storey funeral, Policing Board member Dolores Kelly MLA said:

People will be gobsmacked at the decision of the PPS today that not one person has been prosecuted for breaking the public health guidance. Those who drew up the public health restrictions on gatherings and preached about accountability and leadership were in direct breach of the guidance.  

People know what they saw on TV during the funeral of Bobby Storey which Sinn Féin organised. Hundreds of people, including the Joint First Minister Michelle O’Neill, lined the streets in direct contradiction to public health guidance. 

Responsibility for the Bobby Storey funeral lies with Sinn Féin, but the response for poor drafting of the regulations which were called “confused and incoherent” in the PPS’ statement lies squarely at the door of The Executive Office. 

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