Christmas Draw

This year our annual Christmas Draw is back and we've increased the grand prize to £2,500 with runner-up prizes of £1000, 2 x £500 and 5 x £100.


All proceeds raised through the Christmas Draw will go directly to supporting our mission to build a social democratic new Ireland by supporting SDLP candidates in communities across the North ahead of the 2024 General Election.


Each ticket costs £10 but you can buy an individual line for £1. When filling out the donation form please only use the email address of the person in whose name the tickets are being bought. If buying tickets for more than one person, please use each person's individual email address.


All returns must be with SDLP HQ by 14th December 2023 and the Christmas Draw will take place on Friday 15th December 2023. Good luck!

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Contributions are not tax deductible.

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