Eastwood welcomes SDLP delivery for Derry Zero Carbon Buses

nichola mallon climate crisis colum eastwood cop26

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MP has applauded the SDLP Minister Nichola Mallon’s announcement of £30Million of investment to provide new emission zero battery electric buses for Derry.

Mr Eastwood speaking from COP26 in Glasgow said:

“The time for talking is over. Now is the time for action. With the clock ticking down on the climate crisis, the SDLP at every level is pushing for radical rapid reform to protect our local environment. Today, our Minister has once again proved that the SDLP is delivering in Government. While others talk the talk, the SDLP is walking the walk.

“This £30million for Derry will see our city have a fully zero emission bus fleet in service by 2023. This will make our city cleaner and greener, improving local air quality and making a positive impact on the climate crisis.

“In Glasgow at COP26 the SDLP is pushing others to step up and work with us. Now is time for all shoulders to the wheel to end the crisis facing our planet. The SDLP is ready and willing to continue to play our part by acting now.”

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