Fighting for Human Rights

A Fairer Society

The SDLP believes in a fairer, socially just society where difference is respected and embraced. Since our foundation, our party has been the vanguard in the fight for equality and human rights.

Human rights provide vital protections for everyone in Northern Ireland. The SDLP believes it is the responsibility of all of us to respect the rights of others and we will continue to campaign for the adoption of a Northern Ireland Bill of Rights to protect, strengthen and uphold the social, cultural and economic rights we currently enjoy.

LGBT+ Rights

The SDLP led the charge for LGBT+ rights in the North. SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood brought forward the first Assembly motion on equal marriage that achieved a majority. The SDLP recognises that there is much progress still to make to ensure we achieve full and meaningful equality for our LGBT+ community. The SDLP will support legislation to implement LGBT+ affirming relationship and education curriculum for schools. The SDLP will fight for the expansion of PrEP funding to make it accessible to all who require it.

Tackling Racism

The SDLP strongly opposes racism and xenophobia in all forms. The Black Lives Matter movement has shone an important light on the impact of institutional racism and the immense challenges that BAME people face.

We believe that Northern Ireland is greatly enriched by those who have come here to make a new home and this will help progress towards a truly shared future. Given that immigration remains a reserved matter controlled by the British Government, SDLP MPs are in Westminster opposing the policies of the government which have created a hostile environment for people to come here and make a life for themselves.

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