Mallon: BIC must be opportunity for facing down political challenges

SDLP Deputy Leader and Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon MLA speaking ahead of attending the British Irish Council calls for “mature politics”

Ms Mallon said:

Now more than ever it is vital that political leaders across these islands come together. Whatever our political views, whatever the strategic errors and miscalculations of some, with Brexit, Covid and the Climate Crisis the people we represent deserve leadership.

For some time now, citizens across Northern Ireland have had to watch political leaders across these islands and beyond bicker about our future. Today it’s up to those of us with mandates to assert our views and ensure that the voices of the people here affected by issues such as Brexit are heard. 

My clear message will be that Northern Ireland isn’t a bargaining chip nor is it acceptable that our businesses and communities are left with ongoing uncertainties. I’m not interested in pointing the finger or anymore bickering, the SDLP is only interested in solutions.

If the British Irish Council is to prove to the public it’s worth, then it’s roll up our sleeves time. I hope today that we get down to business and the people we represent get answers and solutions not just glossy photos and socially distanced press conferences.

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