The Future of Daisy Hill – A Public Meeting

Feb 16 07:30 PM
Newry Town Hall, Bank Parade, Newry

The Southern Trust have announced that emergency general surgery will be withdrawn from Daisy Hill Hospital on 28th February.  This will have an immediate impact on people in Newry, South Armagh and South Down.

The withdrawal of emergency general surgery from Daisy Hill is not part of the health service transformation programme, it has been allowed to happen because of general surgical consultant vacancies. There needs to be a plan to address this now.

The demands of our campaign are simple – we want to see emergency surgery returned to Daisy Hill Hospital, we want a concrete commitment from the Trust and the Health Minister for a fully functioning and properly resourced Emergency Department at Daisy Hill, and we want to see Daisy Hill Hospital expanded to deal with a rapidly growing population in Newry, South Armagh & South Down.

Join me and our expert panel at Wednesday’s Public Meeting. We want to hear your voice, we want you to Stand Up For Daisy Hill.


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Newry Town Hall, Bank Parade, Newry

Are you coming?