Deliver the A5!

The A5, in its current condition, is one of the most dangerous roads in Ireland. Since the delivery of the road was made a government commitment in 2006, 42 lives have been lost unnecessarily, including in December of last year when 4 young lives were tragically lost on this road.

The SDLP and our Minister Nichola Mallon are absolutely committed to the full delivery of the A5. However, the Alternative A5 Alliance has stymied progress on this important project. They are determined to sabotage this vital roads project and the will of the people.

This is a much too serious an issue to be delayed any longer. This project is absolutely necessary to save lives, open links across this island and give people safe and decent roads to travel on.

Sign our petition to deliver the A5 without delay.

We the undersigned are sending a strong and united message to the Alternative A5 Alliance that we the people of West Tyrone, Derry, Fermanagh and the island of Ireland fully support the building of the new, safer A5 road, which will save lives, create jobs and correct decades of the infrastructure neglect of this area.

The Alternative A5 Alliance must respect the wishes of the people and STOP thwarting and delaying this project.

The A5 is vital for this area and we the undersigned support it’s full upgrade.

Will you sign?

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