Doherty: Casement cannot be allowed to slip

Paul Doherty Casement Park

SDLP West Belfast Councillor Paul Doherty has said that a failure to redevelop Casement Park in time for EURO2028 would be a betrayal by the British Government and Ministers who have made big promises to communities that deserve investment.


Cllr Doherty was speaking after GAA President Jarlath Burns said it is unlikely the redevelopment of Casement Park will be completed in time to stage matches for 2028.

SDLP West Belfast councillor Paul Doherty said:

“There is real concern in our community today that this once in a lifetime opportunity to host the Euros is slipping through our fingers. This would be a landmark event, not only for west Belfast, but for our city as a whole and I cannot believe we now face the very real risk of our part in this bid falling apart. Allowing it to fall apart now would be an utter betrayal of people in this city after big promises of significant financial contributions were made to get the project across the line.

“For weeks I have been calling for common sense to prevail and the Executive to work with the British Government to get the funding for Casement Park across the line. I am deeply disappointed that voices within our own community, including those in Executive parties with the influence to help make this happen have remained silent at such a critical time.

“Indeed, under questioning from the SDLP in the Assembly this week the deputy First Minister was unable to commit to even raising Casement with the British Government. West Belfast is ready for this huge opportunity - we need political leaders who will work night and day to make it happen.”

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