Doherty urges end to interface disorder

Northern Ireland Protocol Paul Doherty West Belfast

SDLP West Belfast representative Paul Doherty has called for a permanent end to disorder at interface areas in the community.

Mr Doherty was speaking after a number of disturbances in the Lanark Way area after a protest against the Northern Ireland Protocol on Wednesday night.

The SDLP representative was on the ground engaging with local young people.

Mr Doherty said:

“The scenes in west Belfast this evening have been highly regrettable. I went to the area to appeal to our young people not to engage in anti-social and dangerous behaviour that does nothing but cause misery to the long-suffering people of this community and put their own future at risk.

“There can be no excuse for attacking police officers who are doing their best to keep the community safe. The young people taking part in these incidents are likely to end up with a criminal record or worse and I would urge them to think twice before they act.

“The violence on the streets of west Belfast this evening has little to do with Brexit. It’s about communities that have been abandoned and led astray by their politicians. Our young people are frustrated because of the high levels of poverty, unemployment and educational underachievement in these areas and this is what we need to be focusing on tackling.”

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