DUP cannot take Summer off work as people struggle

dup matthew o'toole Assembly recall cost of living

Leader of the Opposition at Stormont Matthew O’Toole MLA has accused DUP MLAs of seeking to take a long summer holiday as people and families across Northern Ireland bear the brunt of a cost of living crisis that will see thousands of households pushed into poverty.

Mr O’Toole slammed the DUP’s attempts to evade responsibility for their own actions which have prevented the formation of an Executive or the appointment of a Speaker which would allow the SDLP to implement its emergency cost of living legislation to get help to those most in need.

Speaking after the recall of the Assembly forced by SDLP MLAs today, Matthew O’Toole MLA said:

“The recall of the Assembly today was about addressing the emergency that people and families across Northern Ireland are experiencing right now. With energy costs through the roof, fuel prices prohibitively high and the prospect of significant back to school bills looming large, there isn’t a single household in any of our communities that isn’t feeling the pain of this crisis.

“It is deeply frustrating that the DUP has again decided to pursue a nakedly partisan strategy that prevents the formation of an Executive, limits the support available to struggling households and puts people at risk. While people worry about how they’ll make ends meet, Jeffrey Donaldson is ensuring that Stormont takes a long summer holiday. It is grossly unacceptable.

“This is not the end of this matter. The SDLP Opposition is firmly focussed on addressing the emergency that people are facing and getting support to everyone who needs it. We will hold Ministers to account for their abject and unforgivable failure to provide support.”

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