Eastwood: British Government cannot be allowed to impose amnesty plans

legacy colum eastwood The Troubles

Social Democratic and Labour Party Leader Colum Eastwood MP has said that Boris Johnson and Brandon Lewis cannot be given a free run to impose their plans to award amnesties to those involved in serious troubles-related crimes.

The Foyle MP made the case during a meeting of the Party Leaders’ Forum with Secretary of State Brandon Lewis and Minister Simon Coveney.

Speaking after the meeting, Colum Eastwood MP said:

“There is a strong consensus among party leaders that the British Government proposal for an amnesty for those involved in serious conflict-related crimes cannot be allowed to proceed. It represents a gross distortion of the structures agreed by most parties during the Stormont House Agreement and abandons the needs of victims and survivors.

“It is pathetic that Boris Johnson and Brandon Lewis pushed ahead with this announcement before the consultation and engagement process with political parties and victims had begun in any serious way. This process cannot have a predetermined outcome that fails to deliver truth, justice, accountability and acknowledgement that victims and survivors need.

“The SDLP will not give this government a free run on legacy. We will continue to take a stand for victims and survivors. The Assembly will now meet next week giving all parties an opportunity to send a united message to the British Government – we stand with victims and we will stand against this amnesty.”  


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