Eastwood: Campaign for justice is ‘far from over’

colum eastwood Legacy Act

Speaking after the British Government’s Legacy Act came into force today, SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood has said that the campaign to provide truth, justice and accountability for victims and survivors is far from over.

Mr Eastwood said the SDLP would continue to work with the Labour Party at Westminster to have the act repealed and replaced as soon as the Tories are removed from power.

Foyle MP Mr Eastwood said:

“This immoral Tory government’s attempt to shut down routes to justice for victims and their families cannot be allowed to succeed. My thoughts are with those across the North today who have been left feeling hopeless and despondent that their pursuit of justice has ended. My message to them is clear – this is not over. This legislation is an insult to the memory of those who were murdered during the Troubles.

“We will never reckon with our past by closing down the path to truth and justice. This legislation is an outrageous attempt by the British government to cover up the actions of the state and to protect their dirty secrets. Human rights organisations, the Irish Government and all political parties in the North have been united in their opposition to the Legacy Act and still the British government continued on regardless, without a care for the harm they would cause.

“Since this legislation was announced the SDLP has been working with our colleagues at Westminster and in the Labour Party to build a coalition of opposition to this bill. We have received assurances that Labour will repeal the legislation if they form the next government and I welcome the public commitment from Shadow Secretary of State Hilary Benn today. The election can’t come soon enough for those of us who want to wrench this rotten government from power and begin the work of undoing 14 years of damage to our entire society."

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