Eastwood: Centenary is a moment for reflection

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Social Democratic and Labour Party Leader Colum Eastwood MP has said that the centenary of partition and the foundation of Northern Ireland must be a moment of reflection for people across Ireland.

The Foyle MP has called for an open and generous conversation about our constitutional future and how the needs of people in this new venture can be best met.

Colum Eastwood MP said:

“The partition of Ireland and foundation of Northern Ireland 100 years ago is an important part of the common history of people across this island. This event, more than many others, has had a profound political, economic and cultural impact on the lives of all those who share this island.

“That is why this should be a moment of reflection for all of us. I recognise and respect that for many people, Northern Ireland is a critical part of their identity and I absolutely want them to have the space to celebrate that. I want them to take pride in our shared history, our common culture and everything that makes our island experience unique. But for many, partition was an act of immense constitutional trauma that severed relationships, economic opportunities and created a new state where sectarian discrimination was hardwired into the institutions of government. That’s also why the experience of communities like mine, and of people like me, are critical to this story and should be heard.

“But in this moment, we have an opportunity to set aside the enmity and distrust of our past. This is a moment to begin a new conversation about our shared future. A conversation about how we address the oppression of poverty in our communities, how we provide high quality housing for everyone who needs it, how we reorganise our health services for a changing population and, ultimately, how the needs of our people could be better met in a new Ireland.

“100 years on from a moment of immense constitutional upheaval, we find ourselves at another fork in the road. It’s time we had a meaningful conversation about where we go next.”

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