Eastwood condemns attempt to murder police officer

Social Democratic and Labour Party Leader Colum Eastwood MP has condemned an attempt to murder a serving police officer near Dungiven after a device was discovered under her car.

The Foyle MP said that politicians from all shades of opinion should join with civic leaders to oppose those who have rejected the will of the people of Ireland.


Colum Eastwood MP said:


“Today’s attack on a serving member of the PSNI is an appalling attempt to murder a young woman who stood up and chose to serve her community. The cowards behind it could not be further removed from the bravery and compassion of officers who put themselves in harm’s way every day to keep our communities safe.


“Violence in pursuit of political goals has never been endorsed by the people of this island. Those who are waging a campaign of violence against members of our community need to understand, and we need to make them understand, that they are not in a fight with the PSNI or with Britain, they have chosen a fight with the people of Ireland who overwhelmingly endorsed peace. It is a fight that they will never win.


“Anyone with information should come forward to the police. We need a whole community response and total community opposition to those seeing to murder and maim our neighbours.”

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