Eastwood: Dáithí’s Law will save lives

colum eastwood Organ donation Dáithí's Law

Social Democratic and Labour Party Leader Colum Eastwood MP has paid tribute to the MacGabhann family after Dáithí’s Law came into effect on Thursday.

The law will mean most adults in Northern Ireland are registered as an organ donor unless they opt-out.

Mr Eastwood said the legislation would both change and save lives.

Foyle MP Mr Eastwood said:

“The introduction of Dáithí’s Law is a momentous day for both the MacGabhann family and the North as a whole. I cannot commend the MacGabhann’s highly enough for the way they worked tirelessly to get this legislation over the line, no matter what obstacles were put in their way they refused to give up and fought for solutions that will have a profound impact on the futures of many people here.

“Anyone who has been lucky enough to meet young Dáithí knows just how inspirational he is and the courage he and his family have shown in the face of his illness can be a lesson to us all. Not only did they push for these long overdue changes to help their son, but for the good of everyone in need of an organ transplant and their selflessness in the face of adversity has been astonishing.

“This legislation shows us what can be achieved when we set our differences aside and work together for the common good, unfortunately that has far too often been in short supply in recent times. As a result of Dáithí’s Law people who have been waiting on organ donation waiting lists now stand a better chance of finding a donor which will change and, in many cases, save their lives and I can’t think of many achievements more significant than that.”

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