Eastwood expresses solidarity with Bloody Sunday families

colum eastwood Bloody Sunday

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood MP has expressed his solidarity with the Bloody Sunday families.

He was speaking after it was announced Soldier F would stand trial for the murders of William McKinney and James Wray.

Foyle MP Mr Eastwood said:

“My thoughts are with all of the Bloody Sunday families, particularly those of William McKinney and James Wray, on what will be a very difficult day for them. Their bravery over the past five decades has been astounding and they have shown great strength in pursuing justice for their loved ones, no matter how many obstacles the establishment put in their way.

“The events of Bloody Sunday have shaped our city and reverberated around the world. Rather than be consumed by the events of that day, the families have instead shone as a beacon of hope for oppressed people everywhere. Their dignity, even after their loved ones named had been blackened, has been an inspiration and they have refused to be quietened until truth and justice is served.

“The people of Derry are hugely proud of the Bloody Sunday families and I know that they will continue to stand with them. One of the highlights of my political career was to be by the side of the families when the British Government acknowledged the wrongs they had suffered and they will always have the support of myself and the SDLP.”

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